I love books. I was the kid who burrowed deep into the dusty pages of books in the bowels of sad (but air conditioned) libraries instead of frolicking outdoors every summer.

This started when I was a babe, my grandmother forcing me to stay awake just a few minutes more to hear a story. I was encouraged to bring stacks of books home each time we visited the library.

In college I was able to visit many substantial libraries that inevitably brought tears to my eyes. From the study rooms to the never-ending rows, I am comforted by so many things related to books.

Now that I’m an unemployed college grad I hope to finally have a moment to sit back and ENJOY the books I’ve collected over the years. Some I had to buy for class and only had to read two pages of, or none at all. Others are gifts that I’ve never had a moment to just sit and read. Many of them are books I have saved from an untimely shredding.

So this site will hopefully be filled with many odds and ends in relation to my love of the written word. I call myself a book hoarder because there are few things in the world that are acceptable to hoard, books are one of them. Join me.