Originally published in The Synthesis.

The first installment of The Hobbit may not be due for another year, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be fandom chaos. The first trailer was released hours before Tintin’s midnight release (no coincidence that Peter Jackson is involved with both) and featured a lot of familiar faces. I understand that the production company probably wants to make a solid connection between the Lord of the Rings franchise and this one for people who haven’t read the books (or IMDB page), but I felt it relied too heavily on that. While it was great to see Galadriel, Sting (that’s the sword), the ring and Gollum I was a bit miffed that there isn’t one hint of the Smaug. I have no idea where they cut off this movie and where the next will pick up, but from what I remember about reading this book 11 years ago (yes, I’ve been a serious nerd since my teens), the dragon was by far the most exciting part. They’re probably saving the dragon for the second part of the movie, but Smaug’s role was vital to the plot so I feel like I was robbed. Regardless of my critique I’m still going to end up at the midnight showing, decked out in some elf ears.