An acceptable review I wrote. Published in November.

Trader Joe’s needs to either hire me as a taste-tester or just have me directly deposit my paychecks into their account. I was minding my own business in the freezer section when my eyes spied Chocolate Filled French Toast. I immediately pinched myself, thinking I’d slipped into Purgatory and this ambrosia would be but a mirage, but this is for real. Coming in sets of two, these beauties may not look like much more than glorified quiches, but just wait, they’re microwavable. I had to warm mine a little longer than the time on the box, but that was a sacrifice I could make for the gooey, chocolatey bliss that awaited me. It tastes just like chocolate filled French toast should taste, a little on the eggey side, but the chocolate more than makes up for that. Sure, it could be a little crispier on the outside, but when I’m hungover and cranky these little mounds are like nectar of the gods (plus my lazy ass won’t ever try to make this from scratch).