Moving is a pain in the ass for most people, but it’s even worse for booklovers (or bookhoarders). Because I save most of my textbooks (except the Math ones, yuck) and frequently get books as gifts I have about three shelves worth of books with me. That’s not counting a spare few boxes I have hiding out in select households of Bakersfield. If you’ve ever moved you know that you can’t just pack a box full of books (unless you have super strength).

Multiple moves have taught me some strategies. First of all, I put about eight books in each box I have to pack. My school supply box, crafts box and clothes boxes all have a bunch of books in them.

After that I still have a crap-ton of books. This is where my second strategy comes into play. I stuff every conceivable inch of the car with books. Under the seats, between boxes, on top of boxes. Everywhere. I use a bunch of reusable bags to haul these babies from the old house to the car, and from the car to the new place.

At some point during a move I always wonder why the hell I have so many books. Do I need to keep my first copy of Pride and Prejudice? Yes. It’s the copy I’ve reread every year since I was in jr. high. Why do I insist in hauling my complete set of Hitchhiker’s Guide books everywhere? Because, like a towel, you should never go anywhere without it.

Each book has some value to it to me that is beyond monetary. Sure, I could sell them and make some skrill, but I just know I’ll need to reread my Shakespeare textbook one day.

Plus, I consider it preparation for the library I’ll eventually have in my future home.