Having just finished the first part of my college education I’ve been doing a lot of reading and show watching. One of the shows I devoured in days was Downton Abbey. This period drama reminded me of the importance of letters in gothic novels. Everything is just fine until *gasp* Lady Lucas writes a letter detailing the elopement of the youngest Westley daughter, ruining the family’s prospects for years to come.

I’ve also just finished a six volume set of letters from Vincent can Gogh (which was amazing and depressing). After reading this lovely set of books I read the historical notes, which mentioned the importance of the art of letter writing during the 19th century. Letters were an art. That we lost. And that’s sad. (I would go into a rant about modern technologies being at fault for the lack of writing skills in current generations, but… not now)

So here’s the deal. I’m not going to be doing much of anything this Spring besides looking for a job (haha, right) and reading. Living away from my friends doesn’t mean I have to be isolated from them. During Harry’s summers with the Dursley’s he always had Ron and Hermione’s correspondences to stay sane.

I’m going to be asking a few friends to join me on this project and see how that goes. I hope to expand the project as time goes on so that maybe we can all rely a little less on social networking to keep in touch.