Awhile back I joined Goodreads and started exploring its vast amounts of booky goodness. I still have yet to fully utilize the site, but I have to recommend one particular section. Under the “Explore” tab is a wondrous page called “Giveaways” where you can enter to win free books. Free books.


The first book I won from the site was Redeeming the Rogue by Donna MacMeans. I received a fabulous package of bookmarks, cards, a message from the author, a peacock feather and a signed copy of the book.

The book itself is the third in a series, so I was concerned that I would need to read the previous books before starting this one. Thankfully MacMeans has written in enough information for the reader to understand the bare necessities of the previous books.

I was immediately captivated by Lady Arianne’s personal turmoil. MacMeans shows that she has done her research on societal expectations for the time period (which is 1885). There are parts later on, like the description of all of Lady Arianne’s layers of clothes, that also highlight the authors care in historical accuracy.

I have to review this book with the genre in mind. For a romance novel the plot has a lot more meat (haha) than expected. Not only is there intrigue, there are political conspiracies and deadly encounters at every turn. Instead of following the romance formula of constant sex. I feel that the author kept the story from becoming too entrenched in intercourse by focusing on subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, flirtation, which would have been more common for the time.

Overall I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the book. The main male Character, Rafferty, is in many ways the typical male of all romance novels, yet in some ways he deviates from the model by having compelling facets of his past that keep him focused on his mission rather than just his developing attachment to Lady Arianne. The references to past events in each character’s timelines made it clear the author had taken the time to flesh out a universe before writing the published story.

Lastly, a pic of the package I got.