I was lucky enough to attend the farewell tea party for Gail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate Series this weekend. It was a celebration of the final book in the series in which a roomful of fans got to dress up, nibble on some goodies and ask the author some questions about the universe she has so adeptly created. I rushed home afterward, book in hand, fully intent on savoring it over the week, only to end up finishing it in a day.

A fantastic end to a truly unique series. There was a little taste of everything to be desired by avid fans of the series. There was adventure, romance and horrendous hats by way of Ivy.

Alexia’s arc really wraps up some of the overarching mysteries that had been left unsolved in the previous books. Along the way we find out much about various characters that some of us have been dying to learn. Some aspects of the story were predictable (like Prudence’s continued growth and experimentation with her abilities) but there were some new bits that came out of nowhere (at least to me).

Alexia would be very proud of how tidily the end was wrapped up. Yes, there is a part of me that wants to know how certain characters fare with some of the changes that came about in this book, but it didn’t feel like the readers had been purposely left without anything to gnaw on. Many hints were dropped that seem to give us just enough to go on until Prudence comes of age (which is where I’m guessing the Parasol Protectorate Series Abroad will start up).

I’m very eager to read more from Gail Carriger, but I’ll have to console myself with rereading the series and investing in the Manga until her next book which will not be released for a year.

Here’s one of my crappy phone photos of the event. It’s of the authoress herself looking fabulous (as always).