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April 2012

City of Merlin and Torchwood

I read somewhere that Merlin was said to be born in Wales. After staying here a week I imagine he must have. In my imagination he was still in his youth when he cast a spell, so powerful and wicked, that it is still working its magic today. In my mind he was trying for a simple rain spell, but instead got downpour after downpour for centuries of Welsh residents.


While here I had to visit some pretty amazing places both real (the castle) and fictional (Torchwood). I think that’s one of the best parts of travel, when myth and reality meet, stirring up all kinds of whimsy. Cardiff is a place where fantastical shows took place feet away from very real Roman walls.


I may be Hermione


(Lonely Planet guide not pictured.)

When in doubt, read. That has worked well for me so far, so with a European excursion days away I’ve been doing a whole lot of reading, searching and watching.

I owned a bunch of travel guides and checked out a few more that were more recent than some that I owned. A steno pad I’m taking with me is tabbed and filled with notes according to country and city. I reread my entire collection of Afar magazines (fantastic travel magazine btw). Travel Channel is the only thing I watch (besides select NBC programming).

Am I ready? I hope so. Like Hermione I have been relentless with preparation, but like Hermione I will be reading up until I get there. Once my feet hit the ground I’ll be too distracted by bliss to remember the extensive lists and maps I have created.

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