I had my first of two orientations at USC this week and now I want to do everything, but I can’t. Instead I will make a list of the things that sounded cool that I wish I could do.

  • Be a part of Grad Student Government, even just sit on a committee.
  • Join the Quidditch Team.
  • Join the Archery Team.
  • Volunteer through the volunteering center.
  • Volunteer at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.
  • Go to Hillel meetings.
  • Intern or volunteer with their Sustainability programs.
  • Go to their cool Hispanic/Chicano center.
  • Have a sweet library job.
  • Start a Harry Potter Alliance chapter there.
  • Go to the archaeology meetings.
  • Read as many books as I can because that library/libraries is/are a thing/s of BEAUTY.

Why don’t I have more time? Do I really need sleep? I want to keep my weekends clear for working on my thesis/film that will be due in a year and determine if I graduate, but I just… ugh.