My alarm goes off and of course I want to choose snooze, but my internal clock has been set since August and there is no turning back once I choose to open my eyes. It’s foggy in LA this morning despite the insane amounts of traffic. For some reason traffic always meant fog dispersal in my mind.

My head immediately begins to pound, I must need caffeine again/already. Caffeine withdrawals have been plaguing me the last month and I wonder how I will break myself of them over break.

Today I will most likely do no work on my project. I have a to-do list a mile long before I leave LA tomorrow and papers just will not write themselves no matter how much you try to will them into existence by ignoring their deadlines all semester.

If I had the time I would send an e-mail to some of my informants about events over break. I’d also transcribe my notes from the film showing Wednesday (glad I recorded since I remember almost nothing due to nervousness). In an ideal world I would spend two hours on my Spanish, but ideal worlds don’t exist or else I would have mad-hot boyfriend with great credentials to use for all the nagging questions relatives will be sure to ask over the holidays. No, I’m not married, but I am in grad school. “Oh,” they’ll say, thinking, “What a waste of time. Doesn’t she know these are her best years for dating?”

But I digress, leaving my head to pound away more insistently, like an urgent caller intent on making you speed up the last few yards before you get to the door.