Last night I went to a Hobbit themed party and it rocked. There was beer, fire, trivia, food and more food. I was supposed to come in costume so I made myself a map shirt. I used pics of the map from The Hobbit to do it.


I made the shirt on the metro with a Sharpie and I figure I can use it again for future Hobbity goodness. Also, the shirt is from Goodwill so it was only $2. Win.

Today I have to pack, clean the house and make my way North for break. I’m a major nerd so I’m taking mostly books. I’m kind of ridiculous. But in amazing ways.

Grad school is amazing and all, but being able to relax for a few weeks (and yes, still work on my stuff) while reading some amazing ethnographies and compendiums on visual anthropology will be sweet. I’ll try to post short reviews of said books, but most of them will probably be fiction.

Are there any grad students out there excited to read for break?