I didn’t write first thing this morning because I had to pack the car and grab breakfast with my dad. Since my student group(s) are in this area I could have done a lot of work, but I am so damn tired. Grad school has exhausted me physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.
I feel like I can’t even function around non-grad students now. You mean you don’t want to talk theory and method with me for hours? My project isn’t compelling to you over dinner?
I’m taking a slight break from intense readings too. Not a complete one, mind. Just enough to refresh my mind so I can tackle difficult ideas. I think toward the end of this semester my mind hit a damn wall.
On a sad note, by leaving LA early I will missing tons of really cool events. There’s a doc showing that I could have made mad connections at by attending and then there’s an office party (open bar!). In the end I am ok with my choice to work my ass off the last few weeks to finish my final papers so I would not have to stay for actual finals week. I get to make a trip to Chico this week to visit my undergrad haunt and my best friend. I pine for the small town, especially after months of living in LA.

Are you going anywhere for break? Are you a fellow grad student who is way to excited to read for fun?