I woke up around 4 a.m. and couldn’t go back to sleep for ages, but now I’ve slept past the time I naturally wake up so I feel off. Today will be unpleasant.

I’ll be leaving Walnut Creek tomorrow for Chico to visit a friend, see the old campus and relish the amazing food. Also I needed an escape from the chaos LA makes me feel like I’m a part of.

Anyway, today I hope to do laundry, cleanup the house and then get any research for my project done. As I said yesterday, I need a break from stress so I’m not overly concerned with being productive. It was so bad that my chest would feel really tight. I know that can’t be good.

I want to take up yoga again to force myself to take time for relaxation every day, but like my morning jogs, I’m sure it will get overcome by class work.

Anyway, I need to make coffee and start cleaning. This isn’t a productive post, but at least I’m finally awake.