I’m in Chico and last night I went out for the first time in forever. Essentially everything felt very different, as I knew it would. Different people now frequent my favorite bars, different music is played and overall things just didn’t feel the same. I was glad. Change is good and I think the sooner we realize a place has moved on, the easier it is for us to move on too. Some people stay here and get lost chasing the nostalgia of this place, which they will never catch up to.
It was great seeing a few old friends. Catching up and bragging about my amazing connections at USC. I guess it brought home how lucky I am to have gotten so far and the amazing resources I now have at my fingertips.
I was only able to down a couple of beers and ended up going home early. I felt old. Faces looked younger. Alcohol made me sleepy. Bar food felt extra fattening. Even watching my favorite local band felt odd.
Anyway, I woke up in a really comfy bed in a place surrounded by orchards and now should get up and get coffee. Or go back to sleep. Since my body is trained for early rising I’ll just stay up.