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February 2013

Northanger Abbey

My opinions on Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey.


Book Review: Everybody’s Jane

A collection of analytical essays by Juliette Wells focused on Jane Austen as she has been imagined in modern popular culture. Highlighting the amateur (here she chooses the more positive definition as someone who is eager and ready to enjoy, rather than the more negative idea of an unskilled/inept person) communities that embrace the idea of enjoying Austen on a personal level, an idea most shocking and frivolous to the academic community. Chapters are devoted to an Austen collector, Austen’s image (and re-imaginings of her in modern art and literature), Austen as self-help, tourism in relation to the author and her novels, literature and film inspired by her work, and the overall communal and accessible aspects of her work. Continue reading “Book Review: Everybody’s Jane”

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