I’ve been meaning to watch this show since it started, but since I’m kind of OCD about shows it’s taken me awhile to get around to it. Having finally caught up on Futurama I thought now was the time for Being Human to consume my life (since Grad School isn’t busy enough).


I really liked the first season, we were given a trio of varying supernaturals that all had their own demons. Season one and two felt like the most balanced in terms of consistency with characters. This unending struggle to be human, when they are far from it, was really interesting to me (an anthropologist). (This idea of constructing a culture similar to “human” culture, which is all just another massive construction anyway. Constructions on constructions, dear me!)

The move in season three screamed desperation. A boarding house in Wales? Gimmick be gone please. I’m tempted not to continue watching into season four and beyond because Mitchell was the dark force that we all wanted to just be a hero. Without him I just can’t feel all that sorry for George (he was the whiniest!) and Annie’s story has faded from angry, powerful ghost goddess to just annoying wannabe sidekick.

I think Mitchell’s continuous decent into the madness is what kept the show compelling. The audience was forever wanting him to be the hero he was set up to be, but the true antagonism in the show came from his inability to keep it together. Season three, especially the later episodes, showed his desperation to be something he could never be. The development of a relationship with Annie (though frustratingly unbelievable and inconsistent with the writing of their characters) was his chance at salvation, and here he fails again, pulling an Anakin-like quest for immortality. His only shining moment is really his self-sacrifice at the end.

I would have liked to see more of his backstory, just because I would like to have seen what he was like before being changed. Maybe it doesn’t matter if he was troubled in his mortality, maybe all vampires are bad.

What I felt was really interesting was how little I cared about George. Yeah, the episode with his mom and dad was sweet, but honestly his relationship with Nina was the only thing I liked about him, and then I think it was more because Nina was way more adult and determined than George.

So, for those that have seen the whole show, should I continue? Or stop here?