I’ve been hanging out in the Communication College lately (They just have a better lobby. I love having six screen blaring news at me!) (No, I seriously love it.) and I fucking miss the adrenaline of news ed. I still read papers (SHOCKER!) and of course on line news, and BBC is pretty much the only news channel I watch, but I haven’t written for a pub in over a year (GASP/SOB).

So in order to increase productivity in regard to journalistic writing, and decrease my stress levels, I’m going to start writing again. Only I won’t be doing real articles.

This exercise will rely on passages from books as my source material. So I could pick a chapter from Sun Also Rises, Grapes of Wrath and War and Peace and do what I can. I would probably choose books that are more thematically similar, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’m doing this because I miss writing non-academic shit, but I don’t have the time to actually go out and interview. If I had that kind of time I would be freelancing the shit out of this place.

I may eventually move on to movies as source material too (since I have to watch them anyway….).