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April 2013

Central Seasons: Trailer 1

Jose’s story


VEDA: New Media/New Academia

I kind of rant about my frustrations when trying to incorporate new media into academia. A lot of the old-school academics I’ve encountered are not down with the early adoption.

And if you’ve been following my blog/vlog you know that I’ve been infusing my thesis work with a bunch of new media.


You’re supposed to toss that plastic cup after you use it ONE-time, right? WRONG SON! You reuse that shit.

I show off some up-cycle iPod/iPhone speakers in this video, so you best check it.

If you aren’t going green for Earth Day then I can’t help you. Get your life together.

Tip your waitress.


I take a moment to reflect on my weekend interviews for my thesis film on teenagers who work in the fields. In Kern County. Because it’s important.

We should care about who picks our food.

Hair Cut Y’all

Haircut. Yes.

“Job” is the new dirty word

VEDA: Filmmaker’s Workout

An attempt at humor.


I offer some quick ways to be sustainable in everyday life.


Check out part of my Wales trip from last year.

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