Sunday I celebrated Easter at a friend’s place in LA. There were mimosas, an adult egg hunt and general silliness. Fun was had and some of us ended up with confetti eggs from the hunt. We went out to the balcony and showed everyone how to use them (apparently only two of us had ever had them before) and I ended up riding the LA Metro with paper and egg-shell in my hair.

It was fun. People on the bus just smiled at me. I’m still finding pieces of paper in my hair.

In high school I had a truly horrible experience with paper. In my algebra class the two guys who sat behind me constantly picked on me. Halfway through the first semester they started throwing paper into my hair. It was really mean, and upsetting and more so because I sat in the front row and the teacher witnessed it. She would just watch and not say anything.

I was really meek then. I had major Hermione hair, but not Hermione’s attitude. I ended up switching to a lower level math class just to get away from that. I couldn’t believe a teacher would be that careless.

So I look back now and I guess I’m glad I made the decisions I did. Because now I’m at a major university, working on my Master’s, and enjoying bits of paper in my hair. I wonder if that math teacher is still ignoring her students. I wonder if those guys get to enjoy their holidays with mimosas, egg hunts and friends.