So I’m 0/2 for awards this week. And of course the second day of my VEDA commitment just makes my need for a computer with editing software that much more distinct.

Bottomline tonight is that I’m poor. I can’t deal with the shocked looks when I continuously have to tell people I don’t have Final Cut or Photoshop on my computer. And the looks when they see “HOW OLD” my laptop is. Technology is readily available to me for the next few months, so hopefully a miracle will occur and the Grant Fairy will bestow an act of kindness.

Right now I’m just focused on trying to graduate and get an internship that will pay. I’m worn out though. I need more footage. I need to start writing my final papers. I need to sleep.

I just spent five hours trying desperately to edit a video on my poor little laptop, and now not only do I have no vid, the fan is making an atrocious sound.

Tomorrow is another day, and I swear I’m going to make this work.