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June 2013

War and Pizza: Part One of War and Peace


Lab work


This is a peek into the daily task of editing. This is the massive server set up for just ONE of the rooms.


This is a grainy pic of the lab itself. Which is so cold that I have to bring a sweater.


My freezing fingers on the important keys.


A small segment of my eventual cut.


The setup itself. As you can see it’s all pretty sweet, and the sub-arctic temperatures are really nothing to complain about. I just wanted to post a little something to pass the time as I render.

The joys of editing!


Everyone loves a good summer read! I know War and Peace is going to be a BEAST to tackle, but I’m ready and I know it’ll be worth it.

It’s Tolstoy, how could it not be brilliant?

I’ll be (attempting) War and Peace Wednesdays. They should consist of vlogs related to that weeks reading. I’m hoping to develop some dramatic readings or maybe cooking demos if any food is mentioned. We’ll see how it goes.

Reading schedule:

June 22: Finish Volume One/Get as far as possible

June 29: Finish Volume Two

July 6: Finish Volume Three

July 13: Finish Volume Four

July 20: Finish Epilogue

July 27: Appendix/Catch-up if I haven’t finished!

Time Off from Time Off

Yesterday I made the executive decision to get out of the house for the day. I was also itching to be away since the complex was shutting off the water for the day. I don’t like not being able to pee when I want to. I’m also not really working anyway so what’s the point of laying on the sofa all day?


So we went to the Getty for the first time! First of all, I still hate tourists. Second, that place is a nightmare to maneuver. And third, I hate school-age children. Aka field trips.


The garden was fabulous and worthy of a frolic. I wasn’t a fan of the cafe, and not just because it was over-priced. I notoriously hate veggie burgers because restaurants just do ONE weird thing to them (like add beet tapenade or pickled carrot). The Getty cafe added this different pinto bean thing. It was a spoonful of zesty pintos. I hated it. Also, using iceberg lettuce? C’MON! The sweet potato fries were fab.



I ended the lunch by spilling ketchup on my linen dress. Typical.

Anyway, we had a fine time but were glad to be going home, away from screaming, running children.


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