Pistachio macaron from La Boulange, Walnut Creek, California

Exterior: Batter appears bumpy, not smooth. The feet are ok, but the cookies have a definite pucker in the middle where the pastry bag left off. The green color is ok, but close to the outside of the cookie it’s slightly brown, indicating it was probably cooked unevenly. The filling looks like a slimey green, more appropriate for Nickelodeon’s slime challenges than for a classy cookie.

Taste: The cookie itself is pretty good. The outside is properly crunchy and interior is a little chewier than is proper, but the taste is better than expected. The flavor is subtle enough, but the green color of the cookie inside is a little bright.

The filling itself is very smooth and delicious, adding a subtle sweetness to the nutty flavor of the cookie. Not as sweet as other “macarons” I’ve encountered in the US, which is a GOOD thing.

Overall: 3/5

It’s not as sweet as other macarons I’ve tasted, so the flavor of the macaron is actually palpable. The filling was smooth and the cookie was an alright consistency.

BUT the batter was not expertly mixed, the cookie looked unevenly cooked and the cookie itself was a little chewier than you want from a proper macaron.