My first Doctor was 10. My first episode was viewed via a local PBS station that for some (awesome) reason had the ability to air old episodes.

I remember trying to catch all the episodes because it was before online streaming became so prolific, so the only way I could watch was via PBS. (I also didn’t have BBC America.)

I remember I must have been around high school age because none of my friends had any idea what the show was. I think that was one of the first times I turned to online forums to be able to talk to other fans, I just couldn’t contain my excitement over the most recent adventures.

There was a particular incident in which two of my friends came over during the Doctor Who hour unannounced and could not fathom why I did not want to go out on a Friday night. The second the opening credits started rolling they somehow got the hint from my utter concentration that I was not going to leave.

It’s funny now because they are super into Doctor Who and I guess they finally understand why I was so diligent/obsessed.


And now I’m watching the livestream for the announcement and I’m just as excited as I was when I was waiting for the one showing a week on my crappy tv.