Now that I’m a week away from turning in my finished thesis and UNEMPLOYED… I have some time to drown my student-loan-sorrows. First in my queue was Primeval just because it seemed pretty silly and unlike Mad Men, I could walk away and do something, come back, and not be behind in a new plot point.

The show is essentially about these rips in time/space that pop up and sometimes dinos, disease or massive bugs come out. The team works to make sure whatever comes out doesn’t fuck up too much shit.


Season 1

Surprisingly good considering the quality of the effects is… BAD. I was pretty hooked and the episodes weren’t entirely formulaic (yet). There weren’t too many characters and there was a good balance of individual missions and individual character development. It was short (six episodes) and sweet. The finale was such a clincher in making me watch the next season.

Season 2

I wish they had stuck to Cutter’s mission to find Claudia. That’s really what it felt like the subsequent seasons were going to be geared toward, but NO. UGH. I would have been more interested in that plot line than just the Helen-is-evil stuff. The episodes became pretty formulaic starting this season and continuing on. It reminds me a lot of Bones in that the episodes are more about the current case and then they splash a little bit of character development. Just a splash.


Season 3

I’m not finished, but I want it to deviate from the formula. As of now there are only three characters remaining from the original cast, so if that’s not a signal of the end of a series I don’t know what is, but Netflix tells me that there are two seasons left. I did like how they included the medieval knight and showed how human history intersecting is part of the rips in time thing.

So I’ll probably finish the series in the next week.

ALSO, it really bugs me that none of the positions on the team are actually specialized. The Egyptologist can suddenly repair all the super-complex computer stuff. You know, because when you major in archaeology they also require courses in computer engineering. Not.