I don’t know where to begin with the HELL that is dealing with the US Post Office. It’s no wonder that people avoid using it for major shipments.

Up until I went to college it was pretty reliable, but when I actually started getting regular mail (like magazines, paychecks, acceptance letters) I’ve been dealing with the stupidity of a convoluted system.

My most recent issue is that I do as instructed and still, somehow, can’t get my mail.

Here’s the rundown: I moved to LA for a year, so I got my mail forwarded until JUNE 25, 2013. When I moved from LA (first weeks of JULY) to my permanent addy I was bewildered that my mail was still not coming to me, despite the forwarding request having expired a while back.

Calling the post office doesn’t help, but they refer you back to the website. I tried accessing the original request and, shocker, since it expired I can’t change or cancel it. Yet my mail is still sporadically going to the magical place lost socks go.

And going in person doesn’t help either because they take note, but then a week later (i.e. TODAY) I went outside and they had put a rubberband around the box, meaning our mail is getting held (doubtful) or forwarded.

Worse for us is that my last paychecks and my grandmas new credit card are now floating around somewhere. And no one in the entire post office seems to be able to give us a definitive way to make this stop.

Why is there not a way to see that we’ve requested our mail, or better yet, what’s the point of having an expiration date on a request if no one pays attention to it?