So in an attempt to make the most of my endless free time (helloooooo unemployment!) I’ve decided to get back on the fitness train.

Fact: I have spent most of my life as a chubbo, making poor food decisions based on what I grew up with.

Fact: I am living proof that being a vegetarian does not magically make one “healthy” or fit. Guess what my daily diet could consist of? Cheese, potatoes, bread, chocolate, etc. I was NOT eating rabbit food.

After my European adventure I realized I was majorly chubbo for an adult, so I decided to get all kinds of healthy, instituting a strict diet/exercise regime. I lost about 30 lbs in a year. That was swell, but then I graduated and got to lay around the house all day while cultivating a beer belly.

I don’t want a beer belly, so I’m being super healthy again and doing daily workouts (no jogging this time because I refuse to jog up hills).

So I thought I should share what’s worked for me since other blogs have been super-helpful in my quest for fitness.

First step: Have a goal. This helps you in all aspects of life.

I have a goal: Lose last 10 lbs before Halloween. (Yes I know weight isn’t the end-all be-all of health but I’ll write on that monster concept later.)

Second Step: Have a plan. This helps you reach said goal.

Third Step: Have a realistic plan. This is important because grand plans for fitness usually don’t work well if you’ve spent most of your life trying to become one with your sofa. Also, this needs to be a sustainable lifestyle so pretending that you’re going to become 300 level ripped isn’t really helping anyone. Start small and build-up to the eventual fitness god.

My plan: Eat like a goddamn rabbit and workout like I have an Olympic level athlete boyfriend waiting to rip my clothes off at the end of the day (I don’t, but the fantasy helps keep me in line). (Also, I imagine said boyfriend is a tennis player who takes me on tour with him so my life is fantastic.) (And he’s generously offered to pay off all my loans because my academic chatter is just so scintillating and keeps him sane during the hard sets.)

Not my boyfriend(s)