I have joined the sea of post-grads now looking for employment so I can live/pay back my loans.

What’s more frustrating than not already having a job is the endless failure in searching and applying for jobs. I was living in Los Angeles and since January had been desperately applying for jobs. Nothing.

When I graduated my student jobs could no longer keep me so I have to move to the Bay Area with a relative. I had no income so there was no possible way I could stay in LA. The shit part of this is that my major was in film production, which is basically non-existent around San Francisco (especially in comparison to LA).

And yet I continue to apply for jobs, and I mean any and all jobs. Editorial assistant positions to Barnes and Noble retail sales, I’ve applied for it. Nothing.

I know this is common, but jeeeeezzzz, was my Master’s for nothing? I don’t even get a phone-call! A damn phone-call!

I’ve even applied for some sports jobs in media and gotten nothing. I worked for ESPN dammit! I went to a PAC-12 school and had a job devoted entirely to greening the athletics department.

With six years experience in journalism you’d also think I would get a call for the myriad of positions I’ve applied to for publications. Nope. Nothing.

And the saddest part is that I don’t think I need more experience, I think I just need to be best friends and/or related to the people hiring.