Last week I said having a goal was important when starting the hero’s journey of fitness. I’m too lazy to entertain all the options out there, so I’m just going to touch on the tools I use.

I looked around for FREE calorie tracker apps to figure out what I should/should not be eating (sadly, cheese is mostly fat). The Livestrong MyPlate app suited me best (plus the mPoints option lets you earn giftcards for Amazon and Sephora). In order to make a difference you have to use your app (WHAT?!). I placed mine close to other apps I use a lot so I would always be aware that it existed and therefore would know when I ate that extra slice of cake/three glasses of wine.

Ignore my un-read messages.

(Ok, it won’t know what you eat unless you tell it, but still, having it there means accountability)

Tracking calories is really helpful in changing eating habits.

BUT calories are not the end-all be-all of fitness. As much as I hate to admit this, you will need to get off your ass and move around a bit (a lot). SORRY.

How you choose to shake yourself into an Achilles-like body is up to you, but I use a combo of mindless activities to get me going. I have a stationary bike and I can jog, but those two things are really good for burning calories and not so much making me a lean, mean, flat-stomached machine.

I’ve used two other apps for actual workouts.

Workout Trainer by skimble is sweet because it has lots of options. (FREE options)

20130913-100355.jpg 20130913-100347.jpg

Pinterest (yes I went there) is also really helpful. I created a board for workouts and another for recipes. Also, you can just search for those problem areas and tons of workouts come up. PLUS you can waste hours of your life just sitting there looking up workouts instead of actually working out… wait, scratch that.

Picture 4
My body will never look like these pictures.

Ok, so you have the tools to start eating things grown from the green-earth and shimmy your ass around your living room, but SWEET RAPTOR-JESUS WHAT IF YOU AREN’T LOOSING WEIGHT FAST ENOUGH?!!!

Calm thyself minion. You may work off that fatty layer of blubber and replace it with some muscle. So don’t rely on weight as the final say in fitness. Instead track those measurements. Here’s my very technical, anatomical drawing.

Miss Bigby should be proud that I’ve moved on from ribbon-winning paintings to alien-like scribbles.

I don’t use it everyday, but it’s really helpful to see progress happening all-over your body.

In Review: Have a way to track progress toward your goal. Also, I can’t draw.