Not having a job is a pain in the ass (for a MULTITUDE of reasons), but there is one glorious upside.

I can read allllllll the time.

Which is important for someone like me who has a “to-read” list that is scary long.

(No, really. Check it out)

Needless to say I’ve spent a lot of time at my local library and taken advantage of their massive e-book system, but this inevitably leads to major neglect of the books I already own. (Poor babies)

So I’m trying to prioritize a reading list (OH GOD). Essentially, I read the pretty-shiny books from the library in moderation, and attempt to read the piles of books awaiting me at home.

And under all circumstances I stay away from bookstores.

Despite having endless free-time right now I have a major issue: I will never read all the books on that list.

(I know, I’m devastated too, give yourself a second. It’ll be ok.)


This is actually secretly helping me deal with anxiety. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the things I can’t help (like getting a job, paying my loans, appeasing the war-god Ares with nightly offerings) I try to deal with the things I know I can approach.

So yeah, it seems silly that I’m trying to control my reading habits, but it’s really helpful that there is at least one thing I can control in my life right now. (OMG BIG PICTURE)

I’m also trying to write lengthy book reviews again. It’s been a whole since I wrote for publication, but I miss reviews. (Plus I wrote a book review for a prof this year who told me what I wrote wasn’t a book review and to that I say, “I was published more times before I graduated high school than you have been in your entire academic career, sir.”)

If you want a gander at my book reviews check out my Goodreads reviews page and like away.

Regardless, it’s so nice to be able to pick and choose what I’m reading instead of panicking over finishing a certain amount of chapters a week. And yes, I am going to take advantage of my CSU alumni perks and check out some books from local CSUs, but I’ll (try to) keep that to a minimum since I have to haul them via public transit.

Summary: I like books, and learning how to moderate my reading list is actually an exercise in controlling my tempestuous life and prioritizing things.

Also: When can Jimmy Neutron’s idea for edible books be a real thing? I mean, that would really help.