It’s been a few months (many, many months) and I really should get on top of working on the paper I’m presenting to the annual American Anthropological Association meeting in Chicago this year!!

Throw paper like a boss.
More like THROW DOWN this paper!

My abstract (which I will list in FULL below the cut) is about using vlogs as a form of fieldnotes. I’ve done this myself (check them OUT!) over the year, but I would like to know if others do this, want to do this or just how they feel about it.

So if you, or someone you know, is an anthropology major, please contact me so we can have a chat about new media in anthropology.

Title: Vlogging my Fieldnotes


Abstract: Vlogging (video blogging) is an emergent form of presenting information via an audio-visual platform instantly and often (from daily to yearly). Can academic material be presented on the same platform that produces viral videos and is constantly a space of trolls and controversy? I believe it can, and through the process of creating my thesis film at the University of Southern California I have attempted to vlog my fieldnotes as a way to hybridize anthropological methods.


I will draw on my experiences, and those of other anthropologists that are attempting to reach a wider audience via vlogging, to present the pros and cons of this new method. By engaging in academic conversation via the internet I am opening up the review of my work to a larger audience. My notes become accessible on the global scale and beyond the boundaries of the anthropological field. How can communities be fostered online through audio-visual means in relation to anthropological fieldwork?


I will also (briefly) explore Vine and the possibilities of six-second clips in an anthropological context.


Keywords: vlog, video, blog, audio-visual, methods, transmedia, new media