So I got out of the house today (GO ME!) and went to the Beats Antique show at Amoeba in San Francisco.

I’ve been a grad school hermit for a year, so making new friends is overdue.

I thought I had struck gold when I found myself browsing the same section as someone else. I made the following assumptions before attempting convo. (And I guess I shouldn’t assume things about people but I was just trying to make conversation.)

  1. We are at the same show, so we most likely have similar music taste.
  2. We are in the record section, so both of us have record players (probably) and record collections.
  3. We are both Bob Dylan fans (because that’s where we were perusing).
  4. Specifically his older stuff, before he sounded like he sold his voice to Satan.

So I took the plunge, I turned to him and said a little something about the album in my hand.

He looked at me. Picked up his records. WALKED AWAY.


I think I’ve forgotten how to Friend. How does one make friends?

Have the rules on friends changed since the last time I made friends?

In summary: I can’t make friends.

This reminds me of the time I got an eyelash in my eye while waiting on a crowded Metro platform. I started blinking (because, you know, eyelash) and this guy happened to walk past as I was doing that. He gave me the up-down and winked at me as he walked away.

So essentially I never have appropriate outcomes in social situations. I don’t know how I have the friends I have. What awkward start did we have?

Summary two: I need to get out more, and when I get out more, make conversation with more people. My chances of making friends will go up more. Maybe.