Sure, looking for workouts seems easy, but actually doing them is completely impossible. I mean, who wants to get on the floor and awkwardly contort themselves? Especially if you live with people, have windows in your workout room or have judgmental cats.

Few people are completely comfortable with their bodies, especially when getting hot and sweaty in front of others. If you are one of the lucky few who is already pretty confident with yourself then GOOD FOR YOU, go to the gym.

If you aren’t yet ready to slap on some spandex and shake your booty in front of your exe’s friends (that’s happened to everyone, right?), then starting at home is probably the first step in getting yourself comfortable enough to emerge as an athletic goddess at the gym.

To get some calories burnt you need to ignore potential embarrassments. Draw the curtains, lock your door and kick out the cats. Sure, your neighbors/roommates may think you’re up to something strange/secretly eating a whole pound cake, but who cares? You are doing this for you!

I suggest staying away from mirrors if you loathe seeing yourself look like a sweaty frog. I suggest having mirrors nearby if you want to make sure you’re doing the moves correctly. I suggest diametrically opposed things sometimes.

If you start small you can build to greater things. For example, start with some basic yoga stretches, then move on to sun salutations and finally Crouching Jedi, Hidden Droid (that doesn’t exist, but there is such a thing as Star Wars yoga).

Put on some music that makes you happy no matter what and just dance around to it. Make a playlist of podcasts you’ve been meaning to listen to and go for a walk (try jogging if you feel adventurous).

Here’s a great video I made of my foolish self pretending to workout. It’s silly, and you shouldn’t really use your equipment that way, but it shows that anyone can throw themselves around a room in tight pants.