Perhaps I don’t complain mention this enough, but I’m unemployed. Yes, shocking that a person JUST OUT of graduate school wouldn’t immediately have a job lined up in this market, but alas, thus is my life.

There are a lot of things about applying for jobs that I should write about (like how looking for a job is a full-time job in itself), but tonight I will entertain you with a sweet story instead.

You see, I get in funks. Since my birthday I’ve been in a major one. I’m pissed I don’t have a job. I’m pissed I don’t live in the city I want to. I’m pissed I have $312 in my bank account. I’m pissed that my graduate school education seems wasted. I’m pissed the government is after the little money I do have.

So with all that positivity floating around it’s no wonder I stopped doing much. I didn’t go to events I had waited months for. I didn’t check my usual job sites. I stopped reading (I KNOW) (But only for three days, so chill). I consumed vast amounts of chocolate and sat around watching entire seasons of shows I absolutely could not stand.

And I kept seeing this down-spiral and not doing anything, or maybe considering getting up to do something, but changing my mind. Things kept piling up.

Until this morning. When my last boss sends me a cheerful string of texts at 7 a.m. (which is early for an unemployed hermit such as myself). I got another message later that day, from a different boss. Both instances reminded me that I can get a job (and at AMAZING offices too) and I have friends out there that can help me. So I may take them up on their offers to recommend me for specific positions or mingle with potential employers.

But more importantly I got off my ass and got back in the saddle. I began filling in new applications, throwing out expired listings from my queue and even looking into alumni meetings in my area (USC alumni happens to meet in the very city I’m living in so SCORE FOR ME/I don’t have to commute).

Then an author and publisher of a book I recently reviewed plugged said review on Twitter. I actually got out and socialized with PEOPLE. And I ended up getting two interviews this week, so let’s hope something turns around. (ONE IS WITH A DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION COMPANY!)