I prefer a home-gym to a gym-gym because it’s cheaper and harder to ignore. My equipment consists of a stationary bike (because I can’t really jog around my neighborhood) and the following items.

Oooo pretty.

Now I didn’t just buy willy-nilly, I tried to focus on items I needed to work out what I’m working on. For example:

  • Resistance bands – use mostly for my legs when doing ballet warmups.
  • Ball- when doing certain crunches it’s easier to hold something this size (note: this is a Quaffle, don’t judge and don’t think you have to have one, any ol’ ball will do) (ball, hehe)
  • Weights – I just got these and GEEZ they have added to my routine and made my abs start to feel nice and solid (instead of gelatinous)

The key is that I don’t look for things that are limited to one kind of exercise and that are small enough to throw in a bag in case of vacation (hint: DO NOT THROW WEIGHTS AT LIVING or FRAGILE THINGS).

I like versatility because I know that I need to change up my exercise routine every day. Apparently your muscles have memory (who knew?) which is why it’s important to never repeat workouts. But don’t sweat it (or do, because this is a fitness post) because I frequently repeat my workouts.

Basically: Enhance exercise by looking for multi-purpose items that help you where you want help.



Forgive this fitness post for not being in Friday. I was busy getting a job and frolicking around the city in celebration.