I’m behind in reading, writing and my Netflix queue, but I’m employed again!

It’s been awhile since I’ve been running around doing multiple things, so it’s been a bit of a re-learning experience. I’m also becoming a master of commuting and GET THIS – I may be developing a social life. I’ve heard those are fun.

What am I up to?

  • Documentary internship
  • Holiday retail job (GLAMOROUS!)
  • Working on two documentaries in development
  • Trying to help a friend maintain content on a webpage (I’m failing at this majorly)

What am I not doing (that I really should be)?

  • Prepping for the Anthro conference
  • Finishing some Etsy things
  • Finishing book reviews on time
  • Working out at home as much
  • Watching more BBC stuffs

What would I rather be doing?

  • Sitting on my ass and getting paid for my reviews (again)

That seems rather simple. Is it really too much to ask for?