I’ll give you a moment to sing Cake before getting to the blog itself.

So I’ve been bad about posting consistently after getting two part-time jobs over the last couple of weeks (humble-bragging?).

Having to work most days a week and commuting hours at a time has really put a stop to my usual workout routine. At first just dragging my lethargic body around a city was enough, but I realized that if I got to San Francisco early, and left late, I could have enough time for a short walk around town.

The office I work at isn’t far from Powell St/Union Square, so I take a brisk walk past the shops, lines of trolley-ready-tourists and homeless every morning to wake myself up (and people watch). My afternoon walk is slightly different since there are many more people milling about, and I have to dodge the advocacy groups hounding me for money. Plus the extra half hour means I miss the afternoon rush of people cramming themselves like sardines into BART.

My point: Figure out a way to include more exercise in your busy routine. Whether it’s getting to work early to walk an extra mile or two, parking a bit farther away so you can strut your stuff to the cubicle or picking a lunch spot that requires an uphill walk (easier said than done), just try it.

Note: I pick (brisk) walking as my workday workout because it doesn’t require me to get on the floor or wrinkle my office clothes. I assume most other work peoples feel the same.