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Looking for Mr Darcy


What is this all about?

Short answer: A film about those that visit sites bathed in the mystique of Jane Austen and why they do it. Are we all in search of Mr. Darcy?


Long Answer: Literary tourism around Jane Austen has been reaching new heights as her books celebrate major anniversaries. From Bath to Chawton, fans flock to see the places she has called home, even if only for a short time.

Tours, teapots and toffee can now be seen sporting Austen’s name or silhouette. Festivals are held regularly to entertain the masses be reinterpreting specific classes of Regency era society. Are these signs of a steady revival of an author, or perhaps a more romantic interpretation of her world?

Who travels to these places and why? What are fans looking for in their trip into Regency England? How do those that work at these attractions feel about…

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