Since I’m working holiday retail to save up for a camera kit I often have interesting encounters that solidify my much researched idea that humans (generally) suck. So I’m going to share the more amusing events of my workdays and pepper them with my usual upbeat, positive perspective (hahaha, just kidding).

Recently I worked during a really busy weekend rush and the line was huge. People were asking to put orders on hold and come back later, when the checkout would be faster. Because of the size of the store the line snaked along the wall and you had to pass through the line in order to get to the other side of the shop.

So there I was, running to the store-room to get different sizes for customers and one woman steps up to me and says, “That line is too long.”

I assume she doesn’t want to wait in it, like so many others, and offer to put things on hold for her. No, that’s not what she wanted.

“I want to look at some items over there, but the line is in the way,” she informs me.

“Well, we can go over there and see if some people will move so you can get what you’re looking for,” I say.

“No. I want you to move the line.”

Yes, she wanted me to move the line of 20 people for her convenience. I looked at her, then back at the register area, then back at her.

“Well, as you can see, there really isn’t any other place for the line to form besides in front of the registers, so I can’t exactly move it, but if you want me to I can get whatever items you want from that area and bring them to you, or ask some of the people to move.” I thought this was reasonable.

“If you won’t move that line then I won’t shop here.”

I don’t understand what right people think they have to ask for the impossible or just be rude to others. Especially in retail or food services. My dad, a bartender for decades now, still gets people who try to tell him how to make a margarita properly.

Luckily I’ve worked with customers in office jobs, so I understand the array of interactions I get to experience on a daily basis and can shrug off the rude ones, but I love regaling others with the more ridiculous requests because it is unbelievable that humans can be complete asshats to strangers.

(NOTE: I may make this retail experience an ethnographic study of worker/customer relations during a hectic time of year.)