From the interview, though training, and into today’s conversation I have noticed that the bosses really stress the idea that anyone could continue rising through the ranks at the company. You get fed stories about employees who started as holiday temps and quickly made it to management. Looking around the sales team, knowing how long some of the people have worked the same job, I know that it isn’t true for everyone (and it couldn’t be with as few management jobs as there are available).

In the interview the woman interviewing me stressed how far she had come with the company. During training the leader really encouraged us to do our best because look at her, she started in our shoes and now she’s management.

And today the same. I asked what my last day would be because I’d like to know when to start looking for jobs, when I can say my first day of availability is and when I can visit my father for an extended period of time.

Instead of an answer I got a great speech about doing a good job to stay on. Did I know that they kept on some of the holiday employees? Did I know that I had had nothing but good reviews so far? If I kept it up and worked on thus and thus things I MIGHT be asked to stay, and I didn’t need to be reminded of the many benefits of that! But it was really stressed that I DO MY BEST for the rest of my holiday season.

So my question is where in the manager’s training do they tell people to push this idea of potential pay-offs? There has to be a psychology behind it. Tell your temp employees from day one that they could make it to a “really good position” and they do a better job? I mean, it makes sense. Who wouldn’t want to do a better job if they had first hand accounts of it paying off?

But for me I question it all because the numbers don’t match up. At some of my other jobs my bosses only ever hinted once or twice in the years I worked there that I could move up, and only when they knew that the person directly above me may leave. They never tried to foster this sense of promotions that just did not exist. I mean, when you have a staff of 20 and you only have three positions above that you don’t expect to promote every one of those 20 people, do you?

Also, I still don’t know my last day. I think I’ll call the corporate offices to get a concrete date because I really don’t think I’ll get one from the staff.