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May 2015

#ATXPrep: The Fosters

With only four weeks until the ATX Festival in Austin, Texas, I’m getting all kinds of pumped. I’ve decided to marathon as many shows as possible that will be featured at the fest, mostly the ones that have been on my to-watch list for far too long or that sounded interesting.

First off: The Fosters

*spoilers ahead*

I just finished it today and I had a lot of pre-conceived notions going into it. I actually didn’t think I’d like it at all. It’s definitely a high-drama after-school kind of show, but I liked that it pushes a lot of social issues for what is considered a “family” show. 

We get plopped into multiple story lines surrounding the people in the Foster home, which doubles as an actual foster-home for orphans. I like that there’s a lot of discussion around the adoption process and foster-system. They don’t hold back on taking jabs at the convoluted nature of government entities and how they sometimes do a diservice to the children. Also great, the storyline about cultural heritage in a foster-home we see Mariana address at her quinceanera and later at the Mexican streetfair.

Stef/Lena – The moms. They do a great job of trying to do what’s right for their kids, but, for the sake of plot, the kids are constantly doing something crazy. One of Stef’s storylines deals with familial/religious conflicts around her sexuality. 

Callie – Main character really. Has been bounced around the system for years. Slightly in love with her foster-brother.

Jude – Callie’s little half-brother who faces interesting plot lines around the development of sexual identity at a young age.

Brandon – Stef’s biological son who is a piano genius/golden boy. We all know he and Callie will probably end up doing the dirty at some point in the future.

Mariana – Drama queen of the show, but she actually has interesting experiences if you can get past how annoying she is. Loved when she joined STEM club!

Jesus – Mariana’s twin brother. Poor think. His storyline was more interesting when they focused on his ADD issues and not his lady probs.

Overall, it’s a captivating show for the genre and audience it’s meant for. I will probably make every attempt to see the new episodes as they air.


Drunk Austen comes to Austin

Drunk Austen

Hello lovely followers!

Admin B (hey, that’s me!) will be in Austin, Texas the first weekend in June for the Gilmore Girls reunion at the ATX Festival.

While I’m there I was thinking of organizing a Drunk Austen cocktail hour meet up if there’s enough interest.

If you are down to drink and talk about Darcy let me know! Comment on this post, like it on Facebook and message us on Twitter. Look out for an official event on the Facebook page.

– Admin B

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