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August 2015

Jane Austen news roundup 8/23/15

Here’s a roundup of Jane Austen-y news from last week (to be enjoyed with your favorite cup of tea):

  • Dystopian Little Women – Not Austen related, but a favorite among many Janeites. There is a “gritty”, “dystopic” version of the Louisa May Alcott favorite being developed for The CW.
  • Jane Austen biopic/Romcom – Some geniuses are making a movie based on “Jane by the Sea” and turn her life into a romcom.
  • Jane for a Day – The New Orleans Jane Austen Society had what sounded like Janeite heaven. If you could be Jane for a day, what would you do?
  • Regency Love App – You can live your own regency romance fantasy on your smartphone. 
  • Manfeels Park – A web comic that takes the convos we have about modern dating, man children and anti-feminists, and plops them into Pride and Prejudice. Lizzy’s reactions are perfection.

10 years of media madness

This fall will mark a huge milestone in my career. I started writing for my high school newspaper sometme in September 2005, and I’ve done a little bit of it all since then.

Papers, magazines, movies, TV shows, radio, ‘zines, web content, podcasts. 

Yes. All the things! I’ve tasted pretty much all the items on the mass media menu and I think I’ve finally found a career that A.) doesn’t send me running for the hills, B) won’t die out in the next five years and C) is super cool to talk about. 

To commemorate my years of pain and agony (aka experience) I’m going to write a few blogs on my time in the trenches, so stay tuned (and feel free to share your own tales).


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