Here’s a roundup of Jane Austen-y news from last week (to be enjoyed with your favorite cup of tea):

  • Dystopian Little Women – Not Austen related, but a favorite among many Janeites. There is a “gritty”, “dystopic” version of the Louisa May Alcott favorite being developed for The CW.
  • Jane Austen biopic/Romcom – Some geniuses are making a movie based on “Jane by the Sea” and turn her life into a romcom.
  • Jane for a Day – The New Orleans Jane Austen Society had what sounded like Janeite heaven. If you could be Jane for a day, what would you do?
  • Regency Love App – You can live your own regency romance fantasy on your smartphone. 
  • Manfeels Park – A web comic that takes the convos we have about modern dating, man children and anti-feminists, and plops them into Pride and Prejudice. Lizzy’s reactions are perfection.