1. Read more books
  2. Get healthy again
  3. Finish editing your film, doofus!
  4. Restock your Etsy shop
  5. Download Spanish podcasts you’ll never listen to
  6. Take a spontaneous trip
  7. Learn to make chocolate truffles of all sorts
  8. Buy a cheap beer making kit. Don’t actually make beer.
  9. Visit family more often
  10. Write more letters
  11. Bleach a big streak in your hair like Caitlin Moran
  12. Stop buying plants you will eventually, inadvertently, but inevitably let die
  13. Finish watching the works of Kurosawa 
  14. Take a dance class
  15. Glance at pile of sewing projects yet to be started
  16. Attempt to go out more
  17. Stay in bed more
  18. Stop contradicting yourself
  19. Marathon more docs
  20. Write more blogs
  21. Clean out the clutter!
  22. Splurge on tacos more often
  23. Break up with the caffeine addiction
  24. Sort some trash
  25. Volunteer at the library
  26. Relearn dinosaur facts
  27. Never give up