A recent job interview involved questions about my previous position and the social media numbers for the channels I oversaw. I decided to put them all in one place so I could reference them, and just in case any potential employers stumbled across my blog/Twitter/LinkedIn/etc. The numbers are public anyway, but I thought it would be beneficial to collect these in one place.

I was the only web producer for KGPE and KSEE (the CBS/NBC news stations in Fresno, California, for those who don’t want to Google the call letters). When I started ,there were some accounts already set up, but not all of them were widely or regularly used (and Persicope didn’t exist when I started). Below are the starting and finishing numbers from my time there.


Facebook: Start 89,276. Finish 103,172

Twitter: Start 9,383. Finish 13,153.

Instagram: Start 328. Finish 653.

Periscope: Start N/A. Finish 482.



Facebook: Start 63,425. Finish 68,795.

Twitter: Start 13,164. Finish 22,194.

Instagram: Start N/A. Finish 457.

Periscope: Start N/A. Finish 563.