Today is the 203rd anniversary of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice being published. In honor of this book birthday I wanted to share the story of my first copy of the book.

I bought this at a library book sale when I was in elementary school, but I don’t think I actually read it until I was 12. At that age, I was too young to appreciate (or understand) what was happening. It wasn’t until later, after a few rereadings and maybe a little heartbreak on my own part, that I really started loving the book. It’s a testament to her work that every time I read her books I take something different away from it depending on what my life is like at that point. 

An interesting aspect of my copy is the careful handwritten notes throughout. As a used book it came to me much loved. I once looked up the previous owner (she had written her full-name and I couldn’t resist) and found out she was a involved in a lot of local organizations. I often wondered if she read the book for a class or for fun, and if she found her Darcy.