Red Carpet Highlights: Emma. (2020)

You voted and wanted me to repost my highlights from the premiere of the latest Jane Austen adaptation, so here are my favorite pics from the Emma. (2020) red carpet in Los Angeles.

Director Autumn de Wilde was so generous with her time and was such a sweetheart. It was clear from her answers that she put a lot of research and heart into this adaptation. Below are some quotes from her on the red carpet:

Why Emma and why now?

“I would have died to do a Jane Austen book, but honestly I was asked to pitch on it. Which was even more exciting and… after working for so many years and not feeling like anything fell in my lap, this one fell in my lap. I had about a month to prepare and pitch on it and I got it and that was super thrilling.”

If she could have one outfit from the movie:

“Well Alexandra Byrne [the costume designer] is a genius. Do I have to pick one? … I think Bill Nighy’s sort of evening suit. I mean, it’s pretty amazing.”

Did she take anything from set?

“No. I’m too well-behaved. I don’t know why, I should have. I coveted a lot of things. I really wanted Emma’s necklace. Jane Austen’s brother had the topaz cross made for her and her sister, and so we made a copy of the original topaz cross that Jane Austen wore, for Emma to wear.”

Johnny Flynn, who plays Mr. Knightley, spent a lot of time with folks, answering questions about what it was like to play Knightley. Here’s what I managed to get from him before he was whisked away to the movie:

On the music he made for the film:

“It’s a very romantic film and I had the chance to write a song from my character’s perspective. You’re with Emma for most of the story and following her thoughts, and her sense of humor, and her judgement of people and at the end of the movie you have my song, which flips that and suddenly it’s Knightley. It’s his voice and him holding Emma on a pedestal and getting to herald her.”

I asked who would win in a fight, Knightley or Darcy, and he had a lovely response.

“You’re asking me? Weirdly I just did a movie with Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen, who both played Mr. Darcy. It was the three of us and they’re both about two feet taller than me so I think, you know, in terms of screen Knightleys and Darcys, they could definitely have me, but… I could out violin them or something.”

Eleanor Catton, the screenwriter for this adaptation of Emma.

Christopher Blauvelt, director of photography for Emma.

The step-and-repeat was pastel pink and decorated with lovely flowers (which did smell lovely).

Kendall Keith was wearing a flowy, pastel dress, which seemed to be the theme of the night.

Arrow de Wilde, Autumn’s daughter, was one of many attendees.

And finally me! I was thrilled to be here. Focus Features was great to work with on this.

And to answer your question: No. I didn’t win a magical lottery or sweepstakes. The reason I went to the red carpet premiere of Emma. in Los Angeles in February was because I’m a marketing professional. I contacted the right folks and got myself a press pass because this is my profession. (And paid my own way to get there!)

Yep. I was working this whole time! From the passes to get there, to the live coverage, and all the content that came after, I created and implemented the strategy.

I work in brand marketing and comms, so if you’re looking for someone to cover your pop culture fun, and connect to fandom, check out my contact page to ask about my consulting rates.

Originally published February 2020. Interviews were edited for length and clarity.

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