Dressing a Regency Dragonrider

They told me I could be anything, so I became a Regency druid dragonrider.

If you follow me you’ve probs been a little confused about what in the world I have been making. One day you’ll see me making a chemise, and another day you’ll see me making dragonscales. Of course this is a costume project I would be working on, but what exactly is it?

Join me for a fun frolic in book-cosplay.

As an avid Jane Austen fan, I’m always down to try new adaptations and inspired-works. But when you add dragons I get infinitely more excited. So of course I was thrilled to stumble on Elle Katherine White’s Heartstone series. It’s like Pride and Prejudice got dropped into a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Yes, with dragons!

The basic premise of the first book: Aliza Bentaine (the Lizzy Bennet in the book) is good with herbs and healing, connects with the local hobgloblins and absolutely cannot stand the snobby Alastair Daired (Mr. Darcy), famed dragonrider. But, as things happen, they fall in love as the world around them shifts, with dread gryphons (and worse) emerging to put the whole kingdom at risk.

It’s a cool story and I’ve been muddling how a Regency dragonrider would look since first reading it. Aliza wears dresses, and sometimes pants, and always has pockets. I finally had an excuse to make this costume come to life for the Foundations Revealed contest. I’ve never entered before and I thought “why not?”

I decided she needed a hussif bandolier to hold her herbs and druid/healer notions. (The back part of the bandolier is a little fur shrug that can detach and work alone.)

A woman from Daired needs fancy armor, so I gave her teacup dragon shoulder and chest bits, along with a legendary silver armored set of stays.

She has her second best dress, over her EMMA short stays, and chemise. Simple, easy to clean and fight in.

Anyway. I hope to share more about the individual pieces of this outfit with you all soon.

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