DIY Bobbin Lace Bolster Pillow

Join me in my lace making adventures!

After I published my bobbin lace guide for beginners I got A LOT of interest in more tutorials and resources. At first I was very reluctant to do any, because I was new myself, but after a long while of working on my own projects, I feel confident sharing some basics.

Since this is an expensive hobby to get into, I will be doing all this on a budget. This DIY is intended to be a very basic started pillow. It is not going to be the same quality or durability of the professionally made ones, but it does use household items, which is a major plus.

A bolster pillow is pretty much a lace pillow you can work around, mostly for making those long lines of lace that you are familiar with. It can be just a log, or tailor’s ham, looking pillow set on top of a basket to keep it steady, or it can be like the one I make today, with the ability to spin in place.

If you *do* have a budget to get a bolster pillow, or even a cookie pillow, check out Lacis. (Yes, there is an Amazon option for getting a cookie pillow and bobbin set.)


  • cardboard box, extra cardboard
  • poll noodle
  • hot glue (and hot glue gun)
  • felt or wool
  • polyfill or foam
  • kitchen skewer
  • sewing supplies
  • box cutter or other sharp thing for cutting non-fabric items
  • fashion fabric to cover outside
  • rulers would be good

And watch this video for a step-by-step walkthrough!

Again, this is super basic. You can feel free to mix-and-match and do what works for you and what supplies you have.

If you are looking for more FREE lace resources, check out this post and this video.

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