Making a Star Wars Resort Wear Look

When life gives you Star Wars towels, you make a Star Wars resort look. (Yes, I’ve been bingeing old episodes of Project Runway, why do you ask?)

I stumbled on vintage patterns that use towels to make beachwear on Pinterest years ago and always thought it was a cute idea. You can check out vintage examples here too. With Star Wars Celebration Anaheim quickly approaching, and knowing I’d be spending most of my time outdoors by the pool and not indoors because we. are. still. in. a. pandemic. I thought it was time to make use of the towels I had on hand. We’re also cleaning a ton and tossing shit, so this felt like a great reuse project for the Great Costube Sew-Off.


For the romper:

I really dug the basic look of this vintage ad, and kind of free-styled with my own. I show this in the video, but what you do is fold the towel halfway (if you are ok with it short), mark the middle of that and cut a line even enough to get your head through, but not so big your shoulders pop through. Cut about two inches deep so that it’s also gonna lay flat along your neckline. Sew down the sides, leaving a good amount of room for your arms.

If you want this longer or bigger, look for different sized towels or combine towels.

For the bags:

Shoutout to Barb for this folder of amazing scans of vintage beach towel garments. I used “This Bag’s on the Square” and “Basket Bag.” Only I made my basket bag with a towel bottom and will sew it into a basket when I thrift one.

For the belt:

Using a wooden ring of some kind, attach t-shirt yarn (here’s how to make that) to the loop and braid down to desired length. Knot off end.

For the mitt:

Trace a wide line around hand. Like wide. Cut two pieces. Sew together and hem raw edge.

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