Summer Dresses for Your Favorite Austen Novel

(Note: This was originally published on 4/17/2014 and updated 4/24/22)

I wanted an excuse to look at cute summer dresses so I thought I would makes one of those “what does your favorite [THING] mean about your [OTHER THING]” post. I think each of these dresses slightly relates to certain Austen novels. You may disagree, and that’s fine, but you are not allowed to say these dresses aren’t totally adorbs.

Sense and Sensibility

All romance, this Marianne worthy dress will take you from outdoor concerts to poetry readings in the park.

Mansfield Park

Fanny isn’t the most vocal of our main heroines, so this understated and comfy dress is perfect for her.


This fancy bitch would go for classic lines, simple cuts and lux fabric, making this dreamy shift perfect for the day-to-night lifestyle Emma would approve of.

Pride and Prejudice

We all admired the fine lines of Pemberley’s grounds, so why not let other people’s fine eyes wander your fine lines in this romantic romp of a dress.

Northanger Abbey

This flowy romper is PERFECT for our dear Cat Morland. Not only does it let her roll down hills with no worries, it indulges her dreamlike life by letting her wear a romantic silhouette.


Miss Lambe knows her value, and knows the fantastic construction of this dress will stun any room she’s in without outshining her.

Note: Does this blog seem familiar? In 2014 I wrote this for the now defunct Drunk Austen. I decided to revise and republish MY content on my own site.

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